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Primary Medical Care and Geriatric Medical Consulting

NAD Medical At Peconic Landing

Conversations with Dr. Ann


Phat Fat Physician

Posted on February 12, 2017 at 10:22 PM Comments comments (18)
That title may have bitten off more than it can chew but admit it... you judge your doctor. 
"She was nice", "I like her hair", "I bet she raids the fridge at night."

And hey, why not! She is telling you what to do to lower your cholesterol. And from the looks of it ...

But let me tell you this dirty little secret.
Many of us docs are like parents. You know , "Do as I say, not as I do"
And not for any God-complex reasons, rather, the ugly of the matter is that donuts taste just as good to us as it does to you. And that knowledge comes with but so much willpower.

Yes, long days dealing with often whiny, miracle seekers leaves one wanting, wait... craving an indulgent, no good, stop watching me, tub of chunky monkey.

So your physician grapples with her own humanity and knows that being judged is par for the course but like any noble professional, she has figured out the plus to that size which turns out to be a benefit for you. 

It's called the "Been there, Still Struggling with That" empathy.
And there's a high chance that empathy influenced the care that you received.

And that is Phat ! 

Do you wanna Marijuanna?

Posted on April 20, 2014 at 12:59 AM Comments comments (41)
Juanna is is a popular girl? You sure you wanna mari-her?
Breath-taking as she is, she will leave you high and dry.
It's True, she's no gold digger but molah goes up in smokes around her.
She tells pretty little lies like "you're hungry" and "you smell nice."
Right now, I bet she's with a politician!
Soon there will be some dirt-a-dish'n.
And to your doctor, you will come a runin'
Outta breath and barely breathn'
Cause you though that I was foolin'
WhenI said "Don't Marijuana"
She promised you a nice death bed
As a perk to get you wed
Cause you're in pain and enough said
But she cheats with thoroughbred
Healthy, wealthy lives instead
Making waste of minds in head
Not just those who hurt instead.
That wed license shouldn't be legal
She'll fly away just like a sea gul
Empty lives that should have been full
Now must see a doc to get a breathfull.
What you think of Marijuanna?
Should we keep her or maker her a goner!